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 MindCraft  app is an interactive tool to learn how to meditate just in 8 shortest sessions.

Simple, Powerful, Fun.


Used it to calm down and feel peace: 

  • when feel ANXIETY (i.e. before the meeting);

  • with OBSESSIVE thoughts;

  • with the suffocating feelings of ANGER, RESENTMENT, or even ENVY.



 MindCraft  has something else catching the cornerstone idea of meditation, which isn't to calm down and decrease the heart rate as most of people used to think.

You might be calm and still think about your past events and future plans which is a form of suffering, like you're living in a room with 5 other guys chatting and involving you in their problems 😊.


If this happens,  MindCraft  will gently ask your "friends" to shut up for a while, returning you to the Breath. You look and see with your eyes that Mind isn't yours and even isn't you.


This Vision if becomes a part of your scenario will make you Free from the prison of your Body, Thoughts and Illusions.


That is just the difference:

Meditation Apps make you CALM.

MindCraft makes you FREE.

Do you still think Mind is yours? Just try to count Exhales...

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